Dear residents of Leidschenveen,
My name is Rob Verhoeven, your neighbour and estate agent for the past 10 years in lovely Leidschenveen. I’m connected to all neighbourhoods and aware of what’s going on in the district.

Because of my local knowledge, and the fact that I’ve bought or sold a house in every street, I know exactly what’s going on in your neighbourhood. I even know the house prices in your street. In fact, I speak to potential buyers on a daily basis; people looking to buy a house in Leidschenveen. And there’s nothing I like more than connecting buyers and sellers in my own environment.

Would you like to know what I can do for you? Feel free to call on 070-326 54 76.

Our sales approach

De eerste klap is een daalder waard

The first blow is half the battle and that’s why we do everything possible to make sure buyers fall in love with your house.

That is the basis for our sales approach which we develop to get the best deal for you.

Experienced professionals

The best presentation

Every house should be presented in a unique and optimal way. That’s why we work with professional, experienced photographers and copywriters to make sure the photos and text help your house stand out. With 360 degree photos and a video, this is guaranteed.

Te koop

Guidance from door to door

One of our strengths is combining a wide ranging network and smart marketing, using online and offline channels. This means that we can also include your own social media as part of the mix. We’ll be creative and open-minded looking for a buyer for your house. Experience shows that sometimes buyers can be found where you might not expect.

And of course we’ll also put your house on the market via common channels such as Funda and other websites, a window display in our office and by placing a For Sale sign in your window or garden.

Our services

Why choose for Makelaarscentrum Leidschenveen?

Comprehensive knowledge of the neighbourhood
Extensive experience in Leidschenveen
Range of potential buyers
Available 24/7
Large expat network
Best home presentation
Totally motivated and enthusiastic
Attractive selling prices
Speedy sales
Runs faster than the rest + the extra mile

Do you want to enjoy selling your house?

We can stop by without obligation

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