“Leave it to me”

Rob Verhoeven has lived and been active as a real estate agent for many years in the region and particularly in Leidschenveen.

His focus on the stunning Haagse district makes him the go-to specialist for buyers and sellers alike. “I’ve seen the district grow and flourish. In fact I know some neighbourhoods better than my own street”, says Verhoeven with a laugh.

His experience in Leidschenveen has helped many buyers get their dream home, or has guaranteed a surprisingly swift sale, with prices that the residents could never have imagined was possible. So what’s his secret? Rob goes that extra mile. You can literally leave any questions relating to buying or selling a house to him to deal with. You can even leave it to him to buy/sell your house, if you wish 😊

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“Leave it to me”

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Fun Facts

The population of Leidschenveen is approximately 20,000 residents. The town is known for its ideal location amidst large rural infrastructure. The A4 motorway is to the west and the A12 is to the South.

Leidschenveen is a residential area belonging to the Hague council. Leidcshenveen-Ypenburg has made up the 8th district of the Hague, together with neighbouring Ypenburg, Forepark and Hoornwijk since 1 January 2002. Before this date, Leidschenveen was part of Leidschendam, which was made smaller following the council redivision in 2002.

Leidschenveen covers an area of 376 hectares, 24 hectares of which are lakes, small canals and other types of water. There are approximately 5880 people per square meter. In Leidschenveen there are 20.715 inhabitants, of which 50.3% are men and 49.67% are women.

The extra mile, to make a difference

The sale of a home is a an incredibly important moment in our lives, where not only money but also emotions come into play. And we fully understand that at Makelaarscentrum Leidschenveen. Estate Agent Rob wants to deal with all your concerns, from the first consultation right up to the transfer at the notary.

Rob’s years of experience mean that he knows the housing market inside out. He knows both the opportunities as well as the possible problems that might arise in the sale of a house. This extensive experience means he can make the difference, for example, in how you show your home.

Clients see Rob as a passionate, committed and critical estate agent; he’ll do everything to get the best result possible. Rob: It’s really important to always be honest and transparent so that clients don’t encounter unpleasant surprises. I give 100% to every sale and ensure that there’s always a realistic, positive and enthusiastic approach to the deal. I want to ensure you that the sale of your home is in good hands and offer you a service that you can fully trust.

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This is what I stand for

I offer personal guidance and a tailored strategy during the complete sale of your home. I want you to know that your house is in good, trustworthy hands.

This is what’s important for me

Selling a house is an exciting and emotional event in your life. I want my clients to have an enjoyable, worry-free experience. My involvement, enthusiasm and total commitment, as well as my unique local expertise, mean I can get the best result possible for you. You can sit back, safe in the knowledge that your house is in good hands.

My promise to you

If you entrust the sale or purchase of your house to me, I aim to fulfil that trust. I’ll do everything possible to ensure that every detail is considered in the service I offer. I’m aware of the needs of my clients, can listen and communicate well and will do everything possible to meet the agreements we make. You can count on that!

With both feet on Leidschenveen ground

I focus on one district – the one that I have lived and worked in for the last 10 years; Leidscheveen. I know the residents and they know me. I know what’s going on in the neighbourhood and cycling around I keep up to date with the latest developments. My local and personal approach also means I have a huge database of buyers. And of course, you can benefit from this!

The strength of the local specialist!

Living and working in the district means optimal knowledge about it.

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